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How to Write the College Application Essay: a Few Tricks

The admission season is getting closer, more and more students are looking for securing admission in their desired universities and colleges. When you browse a site of your favorite university, you will come along an admission form and at the very end, you will spot the college application essay. Most universities have a requirement that you address their essay prompt in order to get admission. Different universities have different essay questions but the key to approach all of them is the same. The format of essay does not change; the purpose of the essay is securing admission and showing the admission officers why you are a good choice for their new batch. Whether the essay topic changes greatly or has small variations, the only aim is to write a good essay that leaves an impression on the admission committee.

Tricks for writing a college application essay successfully

Do you realize how important it is for your essay to stand out? The admission officers receive hundreds of applications locally and from international students on a daily basis. During the admission season, every student writes these essays for their desired institution. You need to make sure that you stand out from the rest of competition. Here are a few tricks that will help you write a good admission essay.

Stay honest

The first and most important thing is to stay honest. Whether you believe it or not but honesty can open up opportunities that you have never thought of. Moreover, these officers receive admission essays every season and they can easily tell between a copied or molded essay and the one, which is written by you.

Do not add fluff or repetition

Your essay needs to be unique, precise, and brief. If you repeat the same idea in different words in your essay then the admission officer will not bother to read it until the end. You need to give them a reason to read your essay and consider you for the admission.

Do not exaggerate anything

Students think if they write down heroic adventures they will earn a place for the admission. The committee does not want to read fiction stories; they want to know the man behind the words.

  • Do not make it a list of your academic achievements
  • Do not make it sound like a travel journal
  • Give some insight in your paper
  • Know your target audience


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