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7 Tricks to Help You Hire a Qualified Essay Writer

Hiring a qualified essay writer can be tough. Between freelance writers and professionals working at writing companies there are several thousand of writers to choose from. Of course, you want to hire the most qualified writer who can give you a great essay for a reasonable price. Here are seven tricks to help you hire the best essay writer for your needs:

Check for Profiles

Today, it’s easy to review writers’ online professional profiles to learn a little about their background, past work, work style and more. A profile that isn’t well written should certainly be a red flag about their writing abilities, but also shows that a writer hasn’t taken the time to think seriously about his or her profession. Look for the best written profiles to shorten your list of qualified writers for your project.

Read Recommendations

Some writers will have recommendations or ratings from previous clients. Take these very seriously. They will let you know a lot more about how a writer has gone about working with others. You may find that some writers communicate well, while others prefer not to keep in constant contact. Identify a writing style you like and feel comfortable working with.

Check for References

If at all possible, see if you can contact some previous clients who have worked with those writers you are considering. Contacting a reference directly allows you to ask some questions you might not be comfortable asking a writer, such as “would you hire this writer again?” or “were you completely satisfied with his or her level of work?”

Consider Areas of Expertise

Not all writers are equal. Some will do really well writing academic papers while others are expert business writers and are accustomed writing company reports. Take this into consideration. Don’t forget to look into a writer’s educational background. If you need an essay written for a British poetry class then try to hire someone who has some history in Literature.

Interview Your Candidates

If you want to be completely comfortable with your hire then be sure to first interview your candidates. Set up a time for either a phone call or web chat. Email conversations might be enough but since your class grade will be affected by your writer’s performance, you want to be sure you hire the absolute best writer for your needs.

Discuss Deliverables

When hiring a writer you need to be sure you discuss all of your deadlines. When it comes to essays you probably will want to review at least a couple of drafts, so you need to set some deliverables to get you to your final product. A qualified writer will have a greater idea about how long their work will take so be sure you give them all the information you have about the assignment early on so they could schedule appropriately.

Keep In Constant Communication

After you select your qualified essay writer you to be sure to stay in constant contact. This allows you to stay up to date on progress, reduces some of your stress, and gives you peace of mind that you will be getting a final product in time for your deadline.


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