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How to Write a Perfect Admissions Essay: Answer the Right Question

Many admissions essays are designed to answer a particular question that will directly relate to the institution in which you are applying. With that being said, many institutions will have a specific question they want answered when a candidate is seeking to gain admission into their college or university.  Understanding this and making sure you’re answering the right question will lead to careful review and, with a well-written essay, admission into the college/university of your choice.

  • Follow directions –Generally, there are two types of admissions essays: a one-page essay answering a specific question or an essay requesting short answers to several questions.
  • One page essay – If the admissions essay is requesting that you answer one specific question, do just that! Do not spend time trying to answer everything but the question that is being asked. Be sure you are clear and concise in your answer. While providing a bit of background is necessary, try to limit this to a few sentences in the introduction and then move on to answering the question that is being asked.
  • Multiple questions- When answering multiple questions on your admissions essay make sure you are being as direct as possible with your answers. Read each question several times to make sure you are staying on track and limit your answer to one paragraph to help accomplish that.


  • The field - Research what the field is all about, what classes will be required in that particular field of study, potential opportunities both during your school career as well as after, and how this institution supports that field.
  • The program- Not all institutions approach their programs the same way. If you are applying for an undergraduate program vs. a graduate program or a program in a specific field (medical school, law school, etc.), there will be drastic variations to the way you will approach writing your admissions essay. Having thorough knowledge of where you are in your academic journey and where you are trying to go will assist you in selecting the appropriate program and all of its requirements.

Rough draft

  • Check your content. Make sure you are taking a personal approach to your admissions essay to assure your reader that you have a connection to what you are writing.
  • Check for all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Be aware of sentence structure, phrasing, and repetitive words. Try using a thesaurus to help expand your vocabulary to articulate your ideas in the most intellectual way possible.

After you have done these things, your final draft can be completed. Writing an admissions essay will possibly determine your educational future as well as beyond. Try to make sure you write it as perfectly as possible and answer the right question!



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