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Drafting your application essay

Applying to college is not as easy as it used to be. Many years ago, students would fill out an application and send their standardized test scores. Now, students have to do much more than that. They not only have to send in the application and test scores, but they also have to send it references, letters of recommendation, and a well-written application essay.

The First Draft is Only the Beginning

Many students think that drafting their application essays is the only thing they need to do. In their eyes, writing one draft of an essay is all they. While there might be a handful of students who can actually do this successfully, the majority of students are unable to write a nearly perfect essay in the first draft.

Planning to Organize the Draft

When you sit down to write your draft, you should think about everything that you know about essay writing. Drafting is actually not the first step to writing an essay. You should come up with a plan of attack by creating a brainstorming map and outline. You will need to stick to the prompt that the college assigned. Once you have a rough idea of where you want to take the essay, then you can begin drafting.

Stay Focused by Handwriting the Essay

Many students have difficulty focusing when they are sitting at the computer. If you are one of those students, then you should handwrite your first draft. By handwriting, you will be not only be forced to revise it because you will type it, but you will also be able to avoid the temptations that come with sitting at the computer and trying to think. Students who handwrite their first drafts often write better later drafts because they went through the physical act of writing with a pen or pencil.

Read Outloud then Type

After you have written the first draft, you will want to read it quietly aloud. By mouthing the words in a quiet voice, you will be able to see where you forgot words, where you made mistakes, and where the writing sounds odd. That physical act of handwriting and the vocal act of reading aloud help many student write more cohesive essay. Once you have read it through, then you should be ready to type. It is easier to type when you have a written paper to type from than to type from scratch.


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