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Cell Phones


In 1973 first hand held cell phone was developed by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martiin Cooper and in 1983 cell phones became commercially available. From 1983 to 2014 cell phone users grew from zero to 7 billion worldwide and it penetrated 100% of global market. Through technology advancement cell phone manufactures have added so many features in it. Primarily it was used only for communication but with advancement in technology it become smart phone with so many features, including camera, games, audio/video player, social websites, wireless internet connectivity and many more. The increasing use of cell phones has created social, health, and institutional problems.

Social Problems

Due to the increasing usage of cell phones Social interaction has been decreased and people prefer to send text of make a call instead of personally visiting a person. By playing violent video games on cell phones violence has been increased in people’s behavior and they waste time playing games. Cell phones become status symbol in young people. Cyber bullying and teen age dating has been increased due to the use of cell phones where everyone is connected with the world though their cell phones all the time.

Health Problems

Excessive use of cell phone create hearing problem because of the radioactive rays of cell phones. By playing games on cell phones kids become addicted of these video games and results in several health issues. Due to prolong use and staring at cell phones eyes sight problem is also caused. Increased risk of severe diseases like heart attack, cancer, brain tumours are also caused due to the excessive use of cell phones.

Institutional Problems

Usage of cell phones has created problems in educational institutes, students use cell phones during the class that causes disturbance in class and students cannot pay attention properly on studies. Likewise increasing usage of cell phones at work employees tend to take their work outside of office and consider it their responsibility to reply to official emails even after working hour this work imbalance results in increased stress among employees.


Technology advancement create ease in our life but miss use of any technology create several problems as cell phone is basically a communication device but as advancement in technology increased the benefits with this facility but also results in social problems of decreased social interaction, violence, bullying and teenage dating. Health problems caused by the excessive use of cell phones include hearing problem, eyesight problem, heart attack and cancer. Cell phones also created problems in institutions like schools and offices creating disturbance, work imbalance and lack of attention on work and studies.


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