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The main objective of this education portal is to educate future students on how to write impressive, interesting and attention-grabbing application papers.

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Write Interesting Application Essays for College

A college admissions essay is your literary portfolio to the admissions officials and the essay is supposed to show off your unique qualities and the reason why you are interested in attending the school. Before you write the essay look at the topic and questions on the application because admissions officials do not like it when applicants don't pay attention to the essay guidelines. You don't want to rush through the essay but you should spend at least three weeks on it so that you'll do your best. Read sample admissions essays on university websites to get ideas and then write out sample introductory paragraphs on your own.

Sell Yourself Creatively

When you get creative in promoting yourself and qualifications without appearing cocky, you attract the attention of admissions officials. If you're applying to the college's creative writing program, talk about how at age 15 you first got into creative writing out of depression over a friend's death and that you purchased blank greeting cards and started creating them for friends during certain holidays. Also talk about how you see writing as therapeutic and that you want to express this to others as a creative writing teacher. If you're applying to an engineering program, discuss your participation in science fairs and how this led to a love of science and machinery.

Be Grammatically Correct

When writing your essay, have an English grammar book near you so that you will write in a grammatically correct way. Admissions officials value originality in admissions essays but second to this is good grammar. Be mindful of where you place your commas, dots and semicolons and capitalize all nouns that refer to a specific school, organization or book if you are using them in your essay.

Write On An Unusual Topic

If the admissions application lets you choose a topic of your own, go beyond the standard autobiographical essay. Instead, write on an unusual topic that relates to what you plan to study in college and career goals. If you are interested in the impact that colonialism has had on industrial development in Africa, start the essay with interesting research you gathered on the topic then talk about how this history has motivated you to enter a career in sociology because you want to inform others about the importance of social justice for those in developing nations and the damage corporatism causes to the cultures in those nations.

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