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The Best Way To Write A Winning Essay For Scholarship

If you are tasked with writing a scholarship essay, your goal is obviously to write a winning essay. But what can you do to make sure that what you produce earns you the scholarship?

  1. Always be honest. If you are honest in what you write, you will have a much better chance of receiving the prize. Remember that the people who are reviewing your work will have access to all of your academic records and that means that if you lie, they will know. And chances are they will not give the prize money to someone who lies. The key is to remember that the people reviewing your work know that not every student can be the president of every club or organization, but that does not mean that you will not be given the scholarship just because you were the secretary or treasurer.
  2. Avoid humor. There are very few instances where humor can be included in your scholarship essay. It is best to avoid it if at all possible because you have no way to determine who will read your final work and what their style of humor will be. You want to play it safe in this regard and be sure to avoid making a joke that will possibly offend the reader.
  3. Do not regurgitate your list of achievements. The purpose of this piece of writing is to explain to the organization in question why the money they provide you will help you achieve your goals, and why you deserve to achieve these goals. This does not mean that you should whine about having a hard childhood with one parent and therefore deserve the prize. You should instead explain how you learned a lesson during that difficult childhood which inspired you to set the goals you have, and with those goals you plan to achieve X, Y, and Z, but that can only be accomplished through procuring additional funding for school. These are the types of personalized stories that readers want to find in your work.
  4. Keep it simple and short. Just because there is no maximum limit for the word count does not mean you should exceed ten pages. Have some courtesy for the people who are reading your content and know that they are sitting down reading copy after copy and ten pages will not make them happy.


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