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How to Create a Strong Entrance Essay

A college entrance essay is not a test of knowledge but more a test of character. They want to pull out of it something significant about you that make them want to have you at their university or college. You do not want to write your essay on something you have to research so write it on something you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Here are some things to remember when writing the actual essay:

  • Know the subject well you are writing about in your essay. Admissions officers are usually well educated and well informed people. It would be a poor start for your essay if the person is knowledgeable of the subject and sees some big discrepancies in what you are stating right away.

  • Explain in vivid detail what you are writing about. It is important to be very precise here and the counsellor gets a coherent picture of what is going on. Give strong examples if it is relative to the topic.

  • Be an individual and avoid cliché’s. They want to see your opinion on the subject matter not that of a mass group of people. Let your own personal make up come out in the writing.

  • Honesty is very important. Write with passion so they know what you are saying is from the heart and it stirs emotion inside you.

  • They want to see how smart and perceptive you are, not that you are a great intramural athlete or a future glee club presidential candidate. Stick to showing them how you think and avoid the other stuff for now.

  • Be careful with injecting humor. Humor has a way of backfiring and doing the opposite of what it was intended to do. Remember that cult comedy that you loved but your friend shut off after ten minutes because he disliked it so much.

  • Write so the people reading your essay take an instant liking to you. You can be opinionated but do not be overly controversial. There is a fine line here so be sure not to cross it.

Most importantly just relax and be yourself. Stay away from extremes and remember the tips mentioned here. It cannot be stated strongly enough to express the real you because if you fake something it will most likely be spotted right away and the results can be very negative. Enjoy the experience because you most likely will only do it once in a lifetime.

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