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How to Write a Personal Statement: Using a Sample Can Be a Good Idea

A personal statement is a very important paper that can affect your future. Writing one is anything but easy, so you will need all the help you can get in order to come up with a story that will impress the readers.

One of the biggest problems that make writing personal statements so difficult is that people rarely get a chance to practice this particular skill. The number of papers of this nature you will write in your life is limited, unless you become a professional writer who specializes in the particular type of assignments. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to write an impressive personal statement from experience. The trick in this case is that you don’t have to use your actual experience.

Studying sample papers can be almost as beneficial as writing them yourself. Therefore, all that you have to do in order to improve your skills of personal statement writing is find some good examples. There are plenty of those online, so you just need to find the right resource. Bear in mind that you need to study some really good samples in order to avoid repeating someone else’s mistakes. Here is where you should be able to find those:

  • Custom writing services:

    These companies usually offer samples of their writers’ works, and you may find a few personal statements among them. These papers may not be offered for free, but at least you will be perfectly sure that they are written by a qualified professional.

  • Online databases:

    There are many of those, and you need to be careful as the majority of them only offer free low quality papers. You should ask other students for references in order to find a trustworthy source. You can do this via online forums and social media.

  • University libraries:

    Many universities, colleges and other educational establishments save some of their students’ papers and make them available through libraries. However, they usually store dissertations and important articles, so you may not be able to find any personal statement examples there.

  • Your friends:

    If you have a fairly active social life and some friends who have already faced the task of writing a personal statement, you can ask to see their works. This will be a great opportunity as you might be able to get some pointers from people who know you best and understand how to incorporate this knowledge in creating a truly good personal statement.


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