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How To Make You Personal Essay Stand Out

Writing a personal essay means that you are putting details onto paper that are potentially emotional and in this way, it can be a process of reflection that can produce a great essay. Making it stand out from other personal essays begins with a unique event or topic and a fresh perspective that interests the reader. A carefully worded thesis can make or break the essay. If the thesis is interesting, provocative and compelling, then you have a winning beginning and roadmap for a great personal essay.

Next, the body paragraphs need to develop the thesis statement or argument in an interesting manner. You want these paragraphs to be more interesting and add detailed pieces to support that initial assertion in your thesis. Do not add fluff or ramble off point in your body because it will make the reader lose interest. Give concrete examples that let your personality shine through when possible because this gives it an element of reality and it a way to show your passion. Keep referring to your thesis to make sure that the essay is built solidly.

Use varying sentence lengths and structures to keep the reading interesting. Consider the word choice and in the paragraphs. Being direct doesn’t mean that the details are lost; it means that the language to describe the events is dedicated to the event description and not to being flowery just for flowery sake. Using language that is descriptive and vivid is wonderful, but adding too much extra detail may take away from the emotion of the piece.

Ending an essay is always a trick because the action or emotion needs to carry the reader to the end. Do not disappoint the reader with a weak conclusion. Maybe even notch up the emotion a bit more at the end so that the reader feels a connection or understands and feels the emotion behind the reasons why you should be admitted or added to a staff.

Writing a personal essay that stands out can be done by being authentic, using specific examples and by writing in a logical and interesting manner. Crafting a strong thesis and writing detailed body paragraphs leading to an interesting conclusion can help to make your essay stand out. Letting your passion shine through is important to the quality, as well. With no errors in grammar or mechanics, the essay will be a winner for sure.


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