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A few tricks to help you catch the admission board attention

One of the most important elements of a well-written admission essay is the ability to grab the reader’s attention. This means you should have interesting content to start off your essay so the reader wants to keep reading. You need content throughout that is informative and engaging. You want to leave a lasting impression toward the end of the essay. It is no wonder such essays of this nature bring so much pressure. The good news is there are a few pointers to consider that can help you determine what to include about yourself that will help catch the attention of the admission board.

Share something amusing about yourself that is connected to your career interest. This can be tricky but you want to make sure you stay on track. You may have an experience that happened to you that made you see things from another perspective that led you to choose this path.

Be humorous in your essay but avoid taking it too far. There are students that are naturally funny and humorous no matter the situation. But, in some cases this can be what will help you gain and obtain the admission board attention. You can consider mentioning an embarrassing moment or a funny quote toward the beginning of the essay.

Consider having a strong opening sentence part of your introduction and closing sentence for your last paragraph. Your introduction and conclusion are important parts of your admission essay. You can have an opening statement related to why you like the school and a closing statement that suggests you are a good candidate for admission.

Mention who you admire that maybe an alumni of the school and why. Some students are able to work in who they admire that relates to their reasoning as to why they want to attend this school. You may have been inspired by what they have accomplished and know the school played an important role in their achievements.

If you are out of ideas discuss your intentions with people you know such as family or friends. Talk to people you know and ask them what they think you can include. At least you can talk to someone that will be honest with you.

Read sample admission essays and review additional tips on what you should not do. Review concepts you want to avoid that could lead to rejection.


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