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Case study tips: the problem-oriented method

When it is a case study that must be written ,most people go into a frantic nervousness and automatically assume this is going to be one difficult job. Now it is something that requires your time and attention as well as plenty of hard work, but it is not impossible to complete nor is it the worst thing in the world. Writing your case study using the problem-oriented method is not difficult when you have a few tips to use. Here are great tips that you should use to write an amazing paper.

  1. Organize all of your Information
  2. The most important thing to remember when writing a case study is to keep it well-organized. If you’re not organized you are going to get confused, and this is going to cause a lot of frustration and waste a lot of time, too. Do not make this mistake!

  3. What should the Case Study Do?
  4. When writing the case study there is a few things that the paper should be able to accomplish. This includes building suspense into a specific subject, provide a conclusion that works and solve the problem that was there in the first place. You may want to tell a reader something, but you’ve got to build them into believing this information.

  5. Write in Levels
  6. It can be difficult to look at the case study requirements as a whole and become nervous. Instead of doing this take each section of the case study and break it down in easier to understand and easier to look at pieces.

  7. Focus your Attention
  8. Sometimes a case study can be boring to write and this leads to people trying to watch TV, text, talked on the phone, etc. rather than pay attention to what they are doing. Do not make this mistake. It can cause you to take more time to complete the paper, not to mention cause your paper to be filled with errors and mistakes.

  9. Give them what they Want
  10. To write a case study you must give the reader what they want. This is a legitimate problem and a result that you have found. Readers want to hear the pain point of the problem. They want a problem that was made but quickly corrected, and they want you to show them exactly how this was accomplished. Details are important in the case study, and always cite the source that you have used to conclude your findings.


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