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The main objective of this education portal is to educate future students on how to write impressive, interesting and attention-grabbing application papers.

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How To Write A Quick Draft

Of Your Application Essay

Are you intimidated at the thought of writing an application essay? Don’t worry; it’s under your control. Simply follow some quick drafting tips and you will be done.

Useful tips:

  • Do not recycle essays: Come up with original thoughts and do not reprocess your essays. Old, monotonous stuff will not and you anywhere.
  • Be yourself: Choose a meaningful topic that has some relevance with current scenario. Don’t copy the content from anywhere else but be yourself and go with the committee that it wishes to watch. It is a wonderful opportunity where you can explicitly portray yourself. Mention your unique features and reveal your existence in crowd- says Charlotte Lazor, the associate Director of Admission Information Systems for Wesleyan University.
  • Do not over exaggerate: Shun preachy tone and never elaborate the topic so much that it starts sounding boring and droning.
  • Be innovative in your thoughts: Be unique in your ideas. People who are reviewing your essay have undergone thousands of essays and one more common topic will stride out your sheet away.
  • Mesmerize your audience: Write an engaging essay and make it memorable. Write a captivating title along with an enticing introduction. Enchant them so that readers are compelled to finish your essay.
  • Spotlight optimistic features: While writing one of your dreadful and traumatic experiences, do not dwell on only its negatives, but derive positivity from it too. Tell how that negative incident transformed your life and emerged you as a successful human being.
  • Pay enough time for drafting too: Do not revise as soon as you finish with one paragraph, instead let it lie for some time and review it for weak and dull spots, grammatical and spelling errors after few days.
  • Revision: In absence of a thorough revision, all your efforts will end in doom. Hammer your drafted content into a well structured shape and adorn it with catching words. Go through each of the rewrite aloud as ears have an inherent ability to catch the problems that our eyes miss easily.
  • Seek advice from the experts: Councillors, teachers, friends, siblings or any experienced person can offer you a great advice and can add magnetism to your application essay. Ask them for a candid feedback.
  • Accomplish perfection: Once you follow the above mentioned advices; for sure your essay would be an impeccable one, free of errors. Apart from that, you can also seek an advice of your English teacher for grammar check or any additional inputs. And finally, type your essay and do not let any careless mistake be the part of your writing.


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