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How to Write a Personal Essay: Checking Spelling and Grammar

Grammar and spell check are important elements that help your essay standout. You should take time to review your content and make changes as they are needed. This helps make your content polished and presentable while providing clarity on important points mentioned throughout the text. Neglecting to check these elements could lead to lower scores for coursework content or rejection for essays that are used to gain entry into a school.

Don’t Rely on Word Processing Programs Alone

Many word computer programs have an automatic spell checker and grammar check, and while they can be useful tools you should not rely on them alone to help make corrections to your content. These programs may pick up errors you want to keep or they can overlook errors you should make changes to. You may use words that the system thinks is spelled wrong, but it is a good time to double check it to make sure it is correct. You should read content thoroughly to check for correct word usage as the checker may overlook a word used incorrectly even if it is spelled right.

Common Errors and Mistakes; How to Fix Them

Most mistakes you find you should know how to fix them, but in some cases it may be helpful to use a handbook or guidebook to have handy to provide examples. Grammar and spelling are both areas many students have trouble with. A guidebook or handbook with grammar tips can help you improve sentence structure to make for better presentation of your content. There may be a few rules to remember when it comes to proper grammar, but you can also get advice from a professional editor or proofreader.

Have Someone You Know Read Your Essay Just in Case

After reading your content and making necessary changes you may find it useful to have someone else read your content. A fresh set of eyes can help spot any errors or present areas that could use further clarification. There are times it can be helpful to have someone knowledgeable such as your school counselor or professional writer read your content and offer suggestions for grammar or spelling improvements. This is something to consider for those who may get their word meanings mixed up and need clarification to make sure they have the right word in place, such as choose versus chose, and there versus their, and etc.


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