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Making Your Application Fun

One common misconception about writing a college application is that it has to be immensely stuffy and serious. Believe it or not application officers are people too who like to laugh and have just like anyone else. Have you ever heard the expression laughter is the language of love, well if you can successfully make a roomful of old application readers' giggle, they will likely take your case and defend you for acceptance into your school of choice.

I know it is hard to imagine the application process as anything but formal, but consider this: Everyone else is going to be writing their application to appeal to the College or Institution, why not set your apart by trying something different?

I am not suggesting that you ignore formal writing components like structure, grammar and mechanics, however if you really want to impress the staff try doing something unique and making your final application fun!

Tips for making Your Application More Fun:

- Use comedic references to jokes or popular culture

- Include a hilarious antidote about your life

- Use satire about writing application essays

- Address the reader directly with a comical nudge

- Show your personality by using a first person narrative

- Include optimistic and youthful insights

- Don't be too serious (this is different then not taking the application seriously)

When you sit down and write your application consider carefully who you are and what you want to depict about yourself through your writing. Try to avoid making yourself to cliché' AND don't let yourself become a high school stereotype. What is important to remember is that their will other students competing for the exact it spot and they will all be trying to "sell themselves" to the reader. You can use this to your advantage by doing things in a way that is unique to you and shows off who you are without being to pretentious.

Like we mentioned before, don't mistake a college application for a stuffy serious writing project. In a way it is suppose to be a fun opportunity to talk about yourself, your life and your goals. Academic post-secondary institutions what to have a campus full of diversity, so be sure to highlight your unique qualities and tell "your story" in a way that makes it clear that you are One.Of.A.Kind.


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