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How To Create Outstanding College Admission Essays

A lot has been said when it comes to writing application essays. At times it might be confusing for a student who desires to write an outstanding piece. However there are a number of tips that if a student follows, he or she cannot go wrong.

For instance the student should ensure that the topic that he or she selects is one that they are interested in or at least one which they are familiar with. However, selecting a good topic is only but the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of other factors that a student needs to observe in order to ensure that they come up with an outstanding essay.

  1. Write with the aim of capturing the heart of the reader
  2. The student should write the essay having in mind the objective of impressing the reader. This therefore means that the essay should be attention grabbing, interesting and exciting to read. The first sentence for instance should be one that compels the reader to actually want to read more. It should be creative and should be one that gives the reader something interesting and unique.

  3. Have a logical and consistent flow
  4. A good way to ensure that the concentration of the reader is captured throughout the essay is by ensuring that the ideas in the paragraphs of the essay have got a logical and consistent flow. All the sentences should fit in together like a glove and no one sentence should appear out of place. A good strategy is to use transitions so as to ensure that the admission essay has that desired logical flow.

  5. Create a lasting impression in the mind of the reader
  6. The writer should ensure that their essay is one that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the reader. This way, the reader would long to meet with the writer and get to know more about them. A guaranteed way of achieving this is by creating a connection with the reader. For instance, a student could talk about something that is significant to them in a passionate way.

  7. Avoid common mistakes
  8. There are a number of common mistakes that would make an otherwise good essay fail to impress the examiner or reader. For instance an essay that is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. An essay that has ambiguous and long winded sentences will also be costly to the writer. A student should also avoid over use of big words in their essays. It makes the essay mind-numbing to read.


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