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Use Application Essay Writing Hints to Complete a Winning Paper

When writing an application essay remember that you are not the only person writing to this audience. They will read many essays but yours has to be original and one that will stand out enough to get to the next level. You are introducing yourself as if the essay was an interview and letting the reader in on why you are different.


  • You want the essay to read as if you are talking to the reader. They should not feel like they are studying. The style of your vocabulary should be much more conversational. However…
  • This is not the place for slang. Your application essay is still a formal piece of writing and it should not become too casual.
  • Tell them about yourself and what makes you unique from the other stack of application essays on their desk.


  • Be mindful of your sentence structure and very it to keep the reader engaged.
  • Monotonous sentences that all sound the same will cause the reader’s mind to wander and you will lose their attention
  • Always use active verbs and words with positive connotations


  • Answer the question you are asked. Do not go on about your academic success if they are asking personal questions. Also, do not try to cover shortcomings buy taking the essay off course from what is being asked. Stick to the topic given.
  • Provide specific examples of what you have done instead of ideas about what you can do. Let them know that you have already been living a successful life which has taught you how to accomplish your goals.
  • Don’t provide unnecessary information just to fill in the space you think you need to fill. Information that will take you off topic will hurt more than having a shorter essay.


  • All essays deserve to be revised and edited after the initial writing. Application essays are no different.
  • Do not try to get the entire thing done in one sitting. Write for a while and then take a break so that your mind can recover. Even though you may be involved with something else a small part of your brain can still be thinking about the essay for you.
  • Let other people read the essay. Their eyes are more likely to see typos and incomplete thoughts than yourself since you know what you were thinking when you wrote it.

In all, make sure that your application essay shows who you are as a person. Don’t try to be some perceived perfect applicant. Just introduce yourself the same as you would if you walked into the reader’s office for an interview.


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