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How to Write an Essay for an Application: Following the University Requirements

Application essay is one of the most important pieces of academic writing that you will have to create in your lifetime. This is why you must do your very best when working on it. This essay must be clear, concise and original. It must grab the readers’ attention from the first words, and keep them interested till the last.

Here are some tips that should help you when writing an application essay:

  • First of all, you shouldn’t panic. This paper is indeed important, but no one knows the things you need to mention better than you. This means that you will only need to pick the most interesting of them and shape all this into a compelling story.
  • Study the university requirements very carefully. It is necessary to understand how exactly the essay must be written. Pay great attention to every detail and ask for clarifications if necessary.
  • Do not ever lie or exaggerate when describing your achievements and experiences in the essay. Even the tiniest thing can cost you a chance to study in the university of your dreams. You will also be in great trouble if your lie is discovered. This mark on your reputation and personal file will be extremely difficult to remove.
  • Avoid using clichés at all costs. Your task is to show your best, and this essay is basically your reflection. The vocabulary used in this paper must be rich. This will prove that you are eloquent and can organize your thoughts. This should make a strong impact on the readers.
  • Check your essay for plagiarism. Even if you have written it yourself without using any additional sources, there might be a chance that someone else has already used similar phrases. This is why it’s always necessary to check the work for plagiarism. There are several websites that offer this kind of service.
  • Research the university/course you want to be admitted to. This will show that you are serious about this establishment. Explain why this particular school caught your attention and why you want to pursue this field of study.
  • Always include some information about your personal experiences.
  • Of course, it’s imperative that you tell something about yourself in this type of the essay. It will make the impact even stronger if you add some stories of your “adventures” or even a couple of real-life anecdotes.
  • Show the readers that you aren’t afraid of the challenge the study represents. You must make the people that will decide whether to admit you confident in the fact that you are capable of succeeding in this field.


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