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How To Write My Essay: When You're Up Against A Tight Deadline

Writing an essay might not be very easy if you have short time to complete it. Those students who have passion for writing or the subject itself will find it fun to complete a winning paper in the given deadline. However, for others it can be challenging to choose a valid topic from a list of possible ideas and then develop major arguments based on logic. Each major argument needs to have more than a few supporting points in form of logic, facts and statistical data to be able to have a good stance. You need to create an outline by arranging similar data in one place and write your paper with critical analysis skills. You may even find it hard to introduce or conclude your paper in a precise and engaging way. Along with all these things, you must also proofread and edit your essay before submission because that is vital for all academic assignments

Now, if you need to write your essay in a short time, then you need to stop worrying and start acting

  • Start by choosing the right topic for your paper. This can be best done by brainstorming process. Sit in a quiet corner and free yourself of any thoughts or disturbance. Focus on the idea generation process and list down everything that comes to your mind. Do not worry about the logic or structure at this point; you can edit your topic later. You should not stop yourself in the midst of brainstorming
  • Make an outline for your paper to reduce your efforts and time. You need to place all the relevant data in similar places so that you can easily use it from here when you write your first draft. Make use of bullets, headings, diagrams and web structures to write a great outline
  • Write the first draft of your paper by expanding your outline. Do not worry about the grammatical or spelling errors at this point and try to complete your draft as soon as possible. This will give you an idea about overall direction and structure for your paper
  • Take a break for a minute, two or fifteen depending upon the time you have left for submitting the assignment. Get fresh and take any liquid that seems refreshing to you
  • Sit down with your rough draft to edit and proof read it carefully
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