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How To Write An Original Leadership Essay

Your ability to lead may be called into question under various circumstances. It may be in the pursuit of a job that could change your life. It could be because of a scholarship opportunity that you would hate to miss out on. Your ability to represent yourself favorably to strangers can help you to achieve things that would have been impossible otherwise. The best ways to present yourself as good leadership material will vary from position to position but here are some very general guidelines on how to come up with an original leadership essay.

  1. Introduce Yourself

  2. Just as you would in person, tell the reader who you are. My name is...I come from...those are two sentences you will want to fill in early on in your essay. Other similarly important facts may be age and any other defining trait but these are included at your own discretion. These facts create the first layer of a bond between you and the reader. We can’t be strangers any more if you know my name. It also shows confidence which is a key leadership trait.

  3. Seem Bold

  4. Put instances of your leadership being asserted into your essay. If ever you have jumped into a swollen river to rescue a puppy or organized a bake sale for some one else’s medical expenses then you have a story that may convince someone that you can be bold and decisive. This trait is looked on favorably for people who will eventually be given positions of leadership.

  5. Seem Humble

  6. Did you read that right? Yes, you did. After building your image up in the eyes of your readers you will need to ensure that they do not put your paper into a trash bin out of disgust with your perceived arrogance. If possible you may need to apply a thin veneer of humility over all of the accomplishments you have listed in the essay. More recently dubbed the humble-brag, this action alone can allow you to include your best accomplishments without seeming like you are blowing your own trumpet or simply being conceited.

Writing about yourself can be a pain when the restrictions keep you from explaining the most interesting aspects of yourself (the meaning of your tattoo for instance). The use of these tips can give you a clearer sense of where to start.


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