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The Easiest Way to Choose Personal Essay Topics without Any Help

Choosing a personal essay topic can be an easy task when you know your options. A personal essay is a chance to provide good details about who you are. You want this information to put you in a good light with readers. This should be interesting with information you feel comfortable sharing. With topic ideas you can think about accomplishments you have made, personal goals, an event that happened to you, or the reason why you want to finish your education. Here are some simple tips to help you select a good personal essay topic on your own.


Brainstorming is a popular option but there are different ways to do this. You can do this on your own or with a friend if you need to exchange ideas. When doing this task by yourself you can start with a general topic or subject. Then you break it down into smaller ideas based on what pops in your head. Take these ideas and break them down again based on what comes to mind. You can repeat the process a few times and then go back and eliminate ideas you do not want.

Find Essay Samples

Essay samples offer great ideas. They can inspire you to develop concepts for your subject matter. You have a chance to review topics written by others and challenge your creativity. You may find a few essays on the subject you want to write about. From here you get an idea on how many ways you can write about the same topic. You can make a list of topics you come across and use it to help you brainstorm. You can also consider other perspectives of what you have written down and think of another way to write about the subject.

Do Some Brief Research Until Something Sparks Your Interest

Think about topics you want to write about. Then do some brief research to get more ideas. You may learn of ideas you can use based on what you learned during research. Your research may not always include using common internet sources. You can talk to people you know and ask them about what to write about. People who know you best may provide ideas that can help you write a good essay. The task gets easier when you have some notes developed that can assist you in developing an outline.


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