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A Guide For Formatting Application Papers

Writing of an application is often a problem to a number of students because they may not know how to write the essay. For instance, a student might know exactly what they need to write but the challenge might be when it comes to structuring and formatting the paper. A winning essay is a combination of the quality of content and the formatting. If the paper lacks these two ingredients then the student is likely to score a low grade on the paper. The paper should be formatted in such a way that the contents flow and enables the examiner to comprehend the writer’s objectives and aspirations. To ensure that the application is well formatted, the student should consider the following.

  • First of all, each and every application comes with its own set of instructions as to what is expected of the student or applicant. One should always make sure that they adhere to the given instructions. This will ensure that the student writes the relevant stuff.

  • The student should make sure that his or her work is of a black text or that they use black ink. It should be of a standard font. The pages should be numbered. The paragraph spacing used should be the one specified in the instructions. However if the spacing is not specified one should use double spacing. On the upper left corner of the application should be the student’s name and contact details most preferable a phone number.

  • The student should ensure that the length of the essay is limited to the precise number of words that the college expects. The essay should also adopt the structure of having an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

  • The main idea should be included in the first paragraph depending on the topic chosen. The essay should be written in the first person and it should be written with the examiner in mind.

  • The body should contain about three paragraphs, where the main idea is introduced and discussed. The discussion in the body should aim at proving the main idea that the writer has in mind. If possible one should provide examples to make the points more convincing.

  • The final paragraph should summarize the essay to a conclusive end. One should then proofread and edit the essay for grammatical errors and typos. Reading out loud would help to identify the mistakes. Another effective way to check for errors would be to run a spelling or grammar checks on the computer.


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