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The main objective of this education portal is to educate future students on how to write impressive, interesting and attention-grabbing application papers.

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A good application essay sample can come in handy

Good application essay samples are hard to find. There are a few important things a good application essay must have:

It should answer the essay prompt

You cannot write an application essay by your own will. A college application essay has some requirements and most important of them is the prompt set by the college or university. A good application essay is the one that addresses the prompt effectively and gives relevant answer to the essay prompt.

It should be about something you are passionate for

If you search for a sample application essay online then it may not match your desired subject. A good application essay is the one written about your personal interests and passions. This gives the student more freedom to write about and they feel comfortable in writing about their passion. You may not find a sample that suits your requirements. Some students are lucky enough to find online examples matching their enthusiasm. It makes it easy for them to elaborate and rewrite the same sample in their words. However such cases are very rare.

It should be honestly written about the individual

A good application essay is honest and is written about the student’s real life and character. It should not be exaggerated and must not be a fancy read. The admission officers want to know the real you. They do not want to read heroic adventures of someone. If you buy a sample online it will be generalized and will not be a true reflector of your personality.it is very difficult to find an essay that actually matches your personality.

Proofreading and revising is essential

A good application essay that leaves a long lasting impression should most important of all be free of errors and mistakes. For this reason it is very important to have your essay proof read by someone else. The sample essay online may be very well- written but to be on the safe side it is better that you revise and proof read it before considering it final.

Application essays are very important piece of writing. They are meant to help the student in securing admission in their desired university or college. The internet is full of websites that offer sample application essays but all of them are not exact match for you. If you keep these qualities in mind then you will succeed in finding a good application essay sample.


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I am so happy I found this admission blog - I was applying to college and could not even start my application paper. Thanks for keeping this resource free for students!

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The best admission essay guide I have ever come across online. I have recommended you to all of my classmates. Do you also provide editing services?

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