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Entrance Essay Tips: what Should you Write about

An entrance essay is aimed at the student’s personal life and character. It is not a list of your accomplishments and awards that you have earned in your academic career. For writing that down there are a lot of places in the application itself. In your admission essay you have to show that you are mature and responsible person who understands life. You have to show in-depth understanding of life that you have gained through our personal experiences. If there was an event or a hardship in your life that you have overcome successfully and it has made you a better person then you must include it. Writing about high SAT scores and straight A’s will not be that effective as a real life event will be.

Tips on writing your entrance essay

  • Stay honest
  • The admission officer at the university does not want to read fancy stories and heroic adventures. Give them an insight into your life by staying as honest as you can. You are a unique person and you can show that only by stating the truth about yourself

  • Be precise
  • Make sure your writing is not repetitive and every paragraph is unique. Don’t drag sentences and stay as relevant as you can. It is also important to address the essay prompt while you write your essay.

  • Don’t brag about your accomplishments
  • Stay humble when you write about your achievements and keep in mind that you don’t have to exaggerate anything

  • Add a little humor
  • Just a little humor will be nice

  • Write like you converse
  • Don’t be too informal in your essay. It is a personal statement it should be interactive and engaging. To better elaborate this point you should write the way you talk. Consider as if the officer is sitting in front of you and you are talking to him. You can also speak aloud while writing this will help you in writing better.

  • Know your audience
  • Your admission essay is aimed at the admission officers at the university. Remember that they receive hundreds of essays during the admission season and most of them are same in one way or other. Try to write in a way that will keep their interest. Give them something to linger on in the introductory paragraph; this is called hooking your reader in writer’s terminology. Don’t write whatever you want; write what they want to read.


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