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How to Write a Good Personal Statement to Hook the Reader

Writing a personal statement is a significant task for any student hoping to get accepted into the graduate school of their dreams. You need to access yourself and your abilities. Think about information the school needs to know about you. Think about your career interests and how the school will help you meet career goals. Your statement should be something you feel would represent who you are as an individual while being different and intriguing.

Explain Yourself: You Are Introducing Yourself to Someone New

Many applicants make the mistake of not taking enough time to really look at themselves. You want to present information that is about who you are, but with insightful details that is revealing and interesting. The application committee wants to learn about you and how you have developed into the person you are today. They want to know how your achievements have helped you see success and how these accomplishments will help you move forward along with their establishment. Because they do not know you on a personal level you want to consider details that make you interesting and why people like you and your skills.

What Will Help You Stand Out from Others?

Another aspect to think about is what makes you different from others? You need to set yourself apart from other applicants or you stand the chance of getting lost among the submissions. What are things about you the school should know or will benefit from? What are details you have not shared with others you know but could give you an edge? This is likely the time to share personal details you often do not share with others. Some applicants really need to assess their lives more critically to help decide on something to share.

Find the Best Angle to Tell Your Personal Story

Many people view personal statements that tell a story about the applicant. In a way you are except the details about you should be true. Your content should be memorable and this is an important factor that increases likelihood of getting accepted. Provide evidence that will help the approval committee see why you are selecting this particular career choice. Incorporate facts such as things you have accomplished or events you experienced. Create a setting that helps the committee understand where you came from and where you want to go.

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