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An Academic Guide on How to Write a Scholarship Application Essay

Writing a scholarship essay can be one of the most important things a student does. There are plenty of guides out there on how to game the system and appeal to scholarship committees, but there aren’t nearly as many that approach this task from the proper perspective—how to write the best possible essay in an academic sense.

Why write an academic essay that’s not going to be graded?

The thing that people overlook is that academic essays are designed to have a high impact on their reader. Academic essay writing is the foundation for all great writing—not something to avoid when trying to write a great piece! Academic essays, in their structure, organization, and professional use of language, are precisely the types of essays that impress and convey information in a meaningful way.

How to write an academic scholarship essay:

  1. Have a thesis

    A thesis, really? That’s what many students say when they come to this step. Yes, just like any other essay, there should be a thesis. There should also be a unifying theme. What will the writer focus on in their essay? Build a thesis and a theme around that. The writer shouldn’t just ramble.

  2. Make an outline

    Making a detailed outline will help the writer to avoid just that—rambling—once they’ve got their thesis planned.

  3. Stay professional.

    When writing personal information, some writers find it difficult to remain professional. There’s no way that will impress a scholarship committee. A writer that can, however, convey emotional, personal information in a professional manner will wow them.

  4. Write a draft.

    The first copy the writer creates shouldn’t be the final copy. They should accept from the get go that this is only a draft, and should go back over it several times on their own to ensure that the essay presents what they want and how they want it.

  5. Have it edited and proofread.

    Inexperienced writers often think they can proofread and edit all on their own. This really isn’t wise. While they should do it themselves, they must have a third party go over the essay, too. It’s just too easy to miss one’s own typos or misspellings, because the writer has the “correct” essay in their head. Plus, having someone else look over it can lend the writer a fresh perspective, and that’s always a good thing.

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