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How to Write Essays for Scholarships: Never Give Up

Finding scholarships takes a large amount of time, but that does not mean you should give up. Even if you are using a database to help you search for results you know that the process still takes up many of your late nights. You have to scour the internet, speak with your high school counselor, look through books, and contact local companies. You have to narrow down your list to those scholarships awards that are perfect for you and now you have to win them with your essay, but you should still never give up.

It is important to note that for every scholarship you are applying for, there are other students out there competing for the same scholarship who have the same goals and the same background. If you are applying for a scholarship for students who want to become surgeons, you can rest assured that almost every other applicant wants to become a surgeon too. Therefore, the review committee needs to determine who out of all the similar candidates would be the best investment, would make the most out of the scholarship. This is why they have the essay, so that all students can prove to the review board why they are the most worthy of the applicants.


Share a bit of insight into your life. Make the essay personal. If you are telling the review committee why you deserve to win, take the opportunity to share something about you. You won’t be able to share everything because the word count is limited after all, but share one aspect of your life. If you want to focus on your involvement with a surgeon internship program, it may be tempting to share all of the details surrounding this program, but you must not do this. Focus on a single aspect of your experience instead and how memorable it was. Share your life in this way.


Let your passion show in your writing. In reality, most of the essays you have written to date were likely on topics you didn’t much care about. But this is an area where you have a passion and you do care about, so make the most of it. Let your passion show. Your enthusiasm will naturally flow in your writing so make sure the topic about which you write is one for which you have boat loads of enthusiasm.


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