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Writing A Universal College Application Essay

The universal college application was created in 2007 and was designed for students who want an easier college application process. You would have the regular college application but it won't be tailored towards a certain school but you can use the universal application to apply to numerous colleges at once. The application itself is free but before you decide to use this application you need to call the colleges and find out if they accept college applications. In addition to the universal college application itself you will need to write an essay that best describes why you want to attend a certain school, why you should be chosen and your future career goals.

General Tips

First you want to spend at least three to four weeks on gathering research and organizing your ideas for the admissions essay since you will need adequate time to rewrite and proofread the essay. You want to do more than list your grade point average and extracurricular activities because you're only repeating what is on the application. Instead you want to write details that make you stand out from the crowd. For example, if you're asked how you can exercise social responsibility in your career in the financial sector, don't mention ideas on going green since a lot of other applicants are writing the same thing. Talk about how you would exercise this responsibility by starting a chain of banks in the inner city so that low-income families will not have to rely on payday lenders that take advantage of them through high interest rates.

Don't Embellish Your Experiences

Too often college applicants will put a positive spin on their accomplishments when the truth is that they did not achieve a very high grade point average or did not join multiple student organizations in high school. You want to exhibit honesty when writing your essay while still discussing your most important events in life. Admissions officials can spot if you're only writing what you think they want to see.

Review The Essay

Before you mail the essay, it is important that you have a professional proofread it and suggest changes so that you will have a well-written essay that makes sense to the reader. After you revise the essay you should have the professional go over it again to ensure that everything has been corrected.

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